Wanda Batiste, mother of two.

My son is 10 and he has a friend who is autistic and he is also going on 10. My son explained Josh's World to him and they shared the game and explored and they just wanted to bring in everyone and get everyone a copy.

My name is Wanda and I'm a mother of two. It is a great model - someone to identify with and Josh seemed to be the same age as they are and couldn't find a better person.

It is universal. Most of our kids are in the 9 -11 age group and he has a beautiful face and a beautiful game and everyone needs one.

They wanted to sleep with it; they wanted to take it to church, take it to school and share it with everyone.

Josh's World as a role model is inspiring to kids. They want to be like him, play like him, play his game and be creative. I would recommend Josh's World to everybody.



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