Karen T. Adams and her grandson's Mark & Austin Adams

Karen T. Adams: I know these boys really enjoyed it, and their cousins and brothers and sisters and the neighborhood kids. They were enthralled. They were entertained just sitting and watching the game. I think anything that will help their interest and out of my kitchen is great. I would have loved to have something like this as a child.

Mark Adams: It was actually pretty good. When I saw the graphics and all the games, like racing and all that, almost anything a kid could want.

Austin Adams: It has a lot of fun activities to do and it was really fun. You just have to move around a lot, where the rings are coming from and the roller coaster. I'd recommend it to my little brother and sister because they played the racetrack game and they like it a lot and my mother; she uses it for tutoring. She says it's a really good way to teach your kids how to do regular stuff.



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