Lee Williamson, Golden State Road Warrior

I had my nephews and nieces over and I could not pull them away from it. It was really fun to go from each room. We played the racing game. We played the musical instruments. It was a lot of fun. I would say the musical instruments or the racing game. It was a lot of fun. They wanted to play the racing games more than once. They wanted to race and then they wanted to go back and forth to each of those.

My name is Lee Williamson and I play for the Golden State Road Warriors. We're a wheelchair basketball team. We play for the National Wheelchair Basketball Association. My nephews and nieces were over and we put it into the computer and I didn't have high expectations until I couldn't pull the kids away. It was a hard time pulling the kids away and I thought that was a big deal.

You can press on each instrument and actually you're supposed to. He plays an instrument and you're supposed to play those same instruments in that order. The kids figured it out. They were listening very well. It was definitely a very easy game to navigate. I'm familiar with other games and some of them have been very frustrating, but this one was very easy to load into the computer. It popped right up. Josh's World was ready to go. Just like that.

It was educational and a fun game. I definitely feel that this game is universal for just about anybody to play. I highly recommend this game for kids of all ages.



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