Billy Mitchell, musician and producer.

I would recommend it for schools, for pre-schools especially. I would recommend it for any family who puts emphasis on this kind of learning.

My name is Billy Mitchell. I'm a musician and producer. When I first received the program, I introduced it to several children in the neighborhood just to get their responses. I thought they would be a little more accurate than I would be. Every response was quite favorable. I played it myself when I first got it. I'm not a high-tech person but I was able to understand it. I was able to negotiate it and I actually enjoyed it.

The variety. I liked the different aspects of it - the building and the choices that you have. I found it was a very expansive program. The most important thing to me about Josh's World is that it helps the young person with problem solving because they have to make decisions. Every way along the line, they're making decisions and I think that's a very important part of the learning process.

Josh's World has a music component that I thought was very interesting where the kids can actually play their own music and I think for a two or three-year-old, this experience is incredible.

The African American community really needs these kind of positive role models and Josh is not dorky, the voices are not dorky, the sounds are not dorky. I think it's very positive and it's needed. I think that Josh's World is right on time. It's very important, especially in the African American community. The non-violent aspect is very important. It's entertaining. It's engaging and, as I mentioned, it helps develop the inquisitive mind because it starts out with a problem and it deals with problem solving and decision making all the way through to the end and when you get to the end, you have achieved a goal and so it is fulfilling to the young student and I think it helps develop the inquisitive mind.



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