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Josh's World a childrens computer game.
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A few comments about Josh's World from
Billy Mitchell, Jazz Musician and Producer
and Bobby Seale, former founding chairman
of the Black Panther Party.

Children's computer games in Josh's World provide interactive non-violent children's computer games for children 2-9 for the PC. Our children's computer game is one of a few children's computer games featuring a positive African American role model for young children. Our children's computer game provides the fun and delight of exploring a 3D interactive playland.


Press Release: “Josh’s World To Be Released 2002”

Click Here for a Full Color Brochure of Josh's World

Children's Computer Games Take A Step Toward
Diversity With The Release Of Josh's World

Yachats, OR - Microcomputer Resources, Inc. (MRI) announces the release of Josh's World, a CD-ROM based African American children's game for the PC. In an effort to create a positive, non-violent game that includes more diverse characters, Josh's World, a CD-ROM interactive computer game for children ages 2-9, is one of the few computer games featuring a positive African American role model for young children. Josh's World, in a clear, uncontrived fashion provides African American children the fun and delight of engaging in a 3D interactive play land they can explore with Josh there to provide help and companionship along the way.

Josh's World, which runs on Windows 98/ME/XP, offers kids who like to discover through exploration an open world mode where they can play all the games and activities found in Josh's World. There is also a complete game mode for children who prefer play through gaming. A single player can play Josh's World on a PC or two players can play against each other on the same PC. Josh's World includes a Print and Play feature. Print and Play generates activities and games kids can enjoy when they are away from the computer.

As Josh's World's Executive Producer, Robin Murphy stated, I had been a computer teacher in an elementary school and I knew what piqued children's interest. It definitely wasn't the drill and practice software that flooded the market at the time. The kind of software that interested them were open-ended games encouraging them to become actors rather than reactors; We wanted to create a magical 3D world for these little people where they could explore different environments and at the same time offer options to those children who preferred to play games. The real world Josh is Joshua Brown, the son of Michelle Blackmon who performed with the Oregon Shakespearean Festival in the 1995-1996 seasons. Joshua endeared himself to our family and inspired us to create a game for young children.

Josh’s World was designed with children from age 2 - 9 in mind.

Microcomputer Resources, Inc. is a privately held Oregon Corporation based in Ashland, Oregon. The company mission is to produce and publish quality titles and carry that excellence through the various distribution channels to the parents who buy our games and the children that play them.

If you would like to receive an evaluation copy of Josh’s World upon its release, please call or e-mail Verin G. Lewis at the contact information below.

Direct Contact Information:

Verin G. Lewis
Microcomputer Resources, Inc.


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