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Josh's World, a children's computer game that opens the door for your child into the magical world of kid's software.
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Josh's World a childrens computer game.
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A few comments about Josh's World from
Billy Mitchell, Jazz Musician and Producer
and Bobby Seale, former founding chairman
of the Black Panther Party.

Children's computer games in Josh's World provide interactive non-violent children's computer games for children 2-9 for the PC. Our children's computer game is one of a few children's computer games featuring a positive African American role model for young children. Our children's computer game provides the fun and delight of exploring a 3D interactive playland.


Microcomputer Resources, Inc.
P.O. Box 267
Yachats, Oregon 97498

Founded by Robin Murphy, Chief Executive Officer and Verin G. Lewis, Chief Knowledge Officer, Microcomputer Resources, Inc. (MRI) was originally established as a contracting corporation designed by seasoned professionals to streamline and manage the flow of contracts and resources between 3D gaming artists and management. Over the years MRI has evolved into an independent production company. In 2002 we will begin publishing and distributing our own titles, the first of these being Josh's World, African American children's computer game. Josh's World is a 3D interactive play land that offers kids an engaging world to explore, filled with a wide range of games and challenges, including a Print and Play feature. Print and Play generates activities and games the kids can enjoy even when they are away from the computer. Our goal is to create quality titles and carry that excellence through the various distribution channels to the consumer.

Verin G. Lewis, producer of Josh’s World, has facilitated the production of 3D digital sets and objects used in CD-ROM and Internet based games and entertainment for Trilobyte, Byron Preiss Multimedia Company, Morgan Interactive, AVX, Inc. (developers for Simon & Schuster Interactive), Dreamcatcher Interactive, and N’Lightning Software Development, Inc.

Microcomputer Resources, Inc. takes a hands-on approach from beginning to end while using sound and proven business skills. We are dedicated to bringing titles with an original flair to the PC game market. With the release this year of Josh’s World, a wholesome, fun and original product for children age 2 to 9, we take the first step toward producing our own titles for the PC gaming market.


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